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About Us

The current age of technology is not only changing how we work but also complexion the today’s work force. BNNL Safety and Security is a consortium of companies geared towards the improvement of the quality of life and environment of its clients by providing world-class services and infrastructures.

The environment we live in plays a crucial role in people’s physical, mental and social well-being. Despite significant improvements, major differences in environmental, safety qualities and human health remain between and within the countries. The complex relationships between environmental, safety factors and human health, taking into account multiple pathways and interactions, should be seen in a broader spatial, socio-economic and cultural context.

BNNL Safety and Security procedure manufacture and service equipment that allows for economic growth and improved quality of life in areas that we are contracted. Therefore, we are using this medium to inform countries all over about the services we provide.
Our team is very experienced and knowledgeable in not only the terrain, but the cultural and peculiar nuances of doing business in different countries in the world.

BNNL Safety and Security works with all its clients from conception to implementation. We have an advisory board of professional in all aspects of our business to ensure that the highest standard is met at all levels. We stand behind all our products as they are put through a 24-point test, the highest in the industry.

Our Area of Expertise Include:
1. Fire Safety: We customize and supply all Fire-Fighting equipment from Fire Apparatus to Fire Trucks, Fire Boats, Bunker Gear, Fire Gloves, Fire Helmets, Flashlights, Boots, Hoods, Pass Devices (Personal Alert Safety Systems)

2. Emergency Services: Like Ambulance, Fire Aide Equipment, AED (Automated External Defibrillators) Back Board, Extrication Collars, Trauma Air Pants, Universal Head Immobilizer:
a. Hazmat -  Removal Of Hazard Materials.
b. Emergency Management to provide and coordinate resources during large-scale emergency and training

3. Environmental Pollution and Safety:
a. Identify and control chemical pollution hazards
b. Respond to Oil and Chemical spills
c. Conduct environmental sampling/monitoring on land and water (Upstream and Downstream)
d. Investigate complaints related to workplace exposures.
e. Conduct training in the use of control and disposal of Hazardous Chemicals
f. Gas Analyzer
g. Gas Detector
h. Oil and Gas Industrial Pumps & Pipes for upstream and offshore applications.

Our Partners
4. OIL DRI: Oil spill consumable product (Booms, Absorbent Kits)

5. Superior Gloves: Click to see out catalog in PDF format

6. Security Services: We supply Customized Armored Cars, Trucks and Bulletproof Gear, CCTV, Surveillance Camera System, Indoor and Outdoor, Spy/Hidden Cameras, Night Vision Cameras and Body Armored Money Transport Vehicles (Bullion Van)

BNNL Safety and Security provides the highest level of protection and security support to our clients . This is guarantee and we stand behind all our products and supplies.

Navigate our inventories or Contact us for more information.

Contact: 239 Neponset Valley Park Way Boston MA

Phone: 617-230-7539